Here we have events from our extended family trying to make them easier to find then buried in our regular family site, though extended family christmas events will be found in the family photos section.

  • Cousin’s Reunion took place in 2007 and was a gathering of cousin’s on Karen’s father’s side.
  • Kath and Ed’s wedding was in 2008 and here are a few pictures from that event
  • Karen’s Mom and Dad each had a 70th birthday celebration with lot’s of relatives. For their birthdays we also made individual “slideshows” of their lives
  • We keep adding more images here.. the latest are the images we used in two Christmas albums for Karen’t sister and Dad.
  • I’ve also added some pictures from our Cousin’s on the West coast from various events
  • There are also various “albums” that were created for birthdays, and other life events.