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The following links in roughly chronological order are places Ray has traveled for work. In the beginning most of the travel was driven by a split of OEM team and customer meetings but then standards meetings took wing and then my business role took me off the OEM team.

2001 Israel Ray’s first trip to Israel
2003 Las Vegas Went for a PMA trip and saw the Blue Man Group
2003 SanDiego My very first trip for ISO
2005 Grand Canyon Took a break between a CGATS and an ICC meeting
2006 Miami Not your typical view of Miami
2006 Old Towne SanDiego An afternoon of sightseeing
2006 Photokina Pictures of Photokina - you must be joking
2006 Toledo Zoo Outing from a Photoshop conference
2007 Florence One of my favorite places to be
2007 OEM Corsica Trip A delightful place, even off season
2007 Paris 1 Part 1 of two separate trips to Paris in one year
2007 Paris 2 And of course part 2
2007 Thailand As part of an ISO trip
2007 Tokyo Right before the IGAS print show
2008 Amsterdam and Cologne ISO meeting followed by Photokina
2008 Apache Trail An afternoon off between standards meeting in Phoenix
2008 Colorado Mostly in Sedona
2008 Drupa Worlds largest print show - at least there is one picture at the show
2008 Paris This time for an ISO meeting
2009 China First time to China.I was there for 2 weeks between business and standards. This was right before a big anniversary the city transformed in 2 weeks
2009 May Fort Worth Add a little Texas to a US standards meeting
2010 Brazil Amazing place for an ISO meeting
2010 Israel Just a quick business trip but a totally different vibe than 2001
2010 OEM Paris Meeting Paris, again, oh shucks
2011 Barcelona Fascinating architecture
2011 ISO in Berlin There may have been beer testing involved.
2011 Las Vegas Sharp Show Quick in and out of LasVegas
2011 Long Beach CA What else? US standards meetings
2011 OEM Meeting Amsterdam What happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam - except for the pictures!
2011 OEM Meeting Winter Boston It could have been a scene from a horror film - Isolated location, snowed in…
2011 Phoenix Botanical Garden Yet another break from back to back standards meetings
2012 ISO Indonesia First time in Indonesia, totally different than other parts of asia
2012 January OEM meeting Well there was a meeting, but there was also the Grand Canyon and dinner
2013 CGATS Phoenix CGATS and Idealliance and a chance to visit Kip
2013 ISO Shenzhen Back in China but a new part with a very different vibe - and first use of Google translate to order dinner!
2013 OEM Vienna Was wine involved, but of course
2013 Print Chicago Photos from the show won’t be found here
2013 San Francisco Hanging out by the warf
2014 ISO Meeing Beijing China Unfortunately my biggest memory of this trip was the air pollution - even in the hotel it was hard to believe. Never this bad before or since.
2014 London McDowell Tribute David McDowell “retires” from Chair of the USTAG. This is the tribute dinner that was unbelievable in scope. Really the “father” of ISO Graphic Arts standards.
2014 OEM meeting NYC My last meeting as part of the OEM team - I just didn’t know it then.
2015 Bologna ISO meeting again in a different part of Italy - I’m glad there are pictures I think I was in a food coma most of the trip
2015 ICC Japan Sushi done right
2015 Korea ISO We were located just outside of Seoul- climbing the hills there were remnants of Korean war bunkers.
2015 Various Work Trips LasVegas (of course) Zurich, Orlando
2015 Venice Italy Playing hockey from a day in Bologna ISO meeting
2016 ISO Berlin Back to our favorite Thai restaurant in Berlin
2016 Jakarta Part of a US trade mission - gives you a different perspective
2016 Misc Travel Acting like a politician at the FTA, and various other trips
2016 Mumbai Part of a US trade mission again (back to back with the Jakarta trip above) Amazing city of contrasts
2016 San Francisco ICC and Kip visit ICC meeting with a side trip to see Kip
2016 San Jose ISO Meeting Held at Adobe, I also took an afternoon off to take a hike
2016 Taipai ICC meeting and Experts day
2017 Indonesia Part of another trade mission
2017 NPES India Part of another trade mission but this time as part of the largest graphic arts show in Asia
2017 Prague ICC meeting and experts day
2017 Tokyo I’m sure there was a meeting here, I also went off and chased cherry blossoms
2018 Athens Greece X-Rite’s WW sales meeting
2018 Berlin FOGRA color conference, ICC meeting and more
2018 Hong Kong ICC Event ICC experts day in Hong Kong paced between ISO meetings and iCC meetings in Tokyo (below)
2018 Tokyo and Hong ISO and ICC meetings
2019 Israel Trip - Business with pleasure
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